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Mayor’s HACK A-THON 2012 Tampa

I created my first actual Windows Phone 7 application that I submitted to Mayor’s Hack A-Thon this past weekend in Tampa.  The hack a-thon started Friday June 22 and ended 6:00PM on Sunday June 24.  There was a very good turnout at the event since it was the first of its kind.  I have been to other hack a-thon in the past like the AT&T in Orlando and Nokia Hack A-Thon in Miami.  In this competition I decided to go solo and decided I would create a Windows Phone 7 application since I have been looking at some ideas for apps in the other hack a-thons but never took it serious like this one.  The hack a-thon I think went very smooth and it was well organized considering this was the very first event.  The one person that I worked with at the event was Siobhan Harley.  She took care of all the logistics and helped anyone who may of had questions about the data available from the Tampa Authority that was opened up for the event.  So after looking at the data available I decided to use the Fire Rescue data feed that was available.  This data was in an RSS data feed which I think was very easy to use quickly since we only had 48 hours of development time.

List of new Fire calls

Well I decided to call my application BI Fire Rescue.  The “BI” stands for Business Intelligence, so yes this is going to be a reporting application that can be used for direct reports to slice and dice the Fire Rescue data on their Windows Phone.   This application will allow searching, graphs, data drill downs, and maps of the incident.  In the first version on the application I will be using a local database, but when the application takes off I will be looking to move it to SQL Azure in the cloud.  Even if I don’t win the competition, I think this will be a totally usefully application since data is everything for a company.  Then the next step after this is to move the application to a Windows 8 Metro.  Then this can be used on the desktop as well… 

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