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Mayor’s HACK A-THON 2012 Tampa

I created my first actual Windows Phone 7 application that I submitted to Mayor’s Hack A-Thon this past weekend in Tampa.  The hack a-thon started Friday June 22 and ended 6:00PM on Sunday June 24.  There was a very good turnout at the event since it was the first of its kind.  I have been to other hack a-thon in the past like the AT&T in Orlando and Nokia Hack A-Thon in Miami.  In this competition I decided to go solo and decided I would create a Windows Phone 7 application since I have been looking at some ideas for apps in the other hack a-thons but never took it serious like this one.  The hack a-thon I think went very smooth and it was well organized considering this was the very first event.  The one person that I worked with at the event was Siobhan Harley.  She took care of all the logistics and helped anyone who may of had questions about the data available from the Tampa Authority that was opened up for the event.  So after looking at the data available I decided to use the Fire Rescue data feed that was available.  This data was in an RSS data feed which I think was very easy to use quickly since we only had 48 hours of development time.

List of new Fire calls

Well I decided to call my application BI Fire Rescue.  The “BI” stands for Business Intelligence, so yes this is going to be a reporting application that can be used for direct reports to slice and dice the Fire Rescue data on their Windows Phone.   This application will allow searching, graphs, data drill downs, and maps of the incident.  In the first version on the application I will be using a local database, but when the application takes off I will be looking to move it to SQL Azure in the cloud.  Even if I don’t win the competition, I think this will be a totally usefully application since data is everything for a company.  Then the next step after this is to move the application to a Windows 8 Metro.  Then this can be used on the desktop as well… 

How to add SSRS Report to .NET Application


So did you ever wonder how you might add a SSRS report to your existing ASP.NET application? If you did then you should of come out to the Jax SQL User Group, because that is what I presented on tonight. Tonight, I went through the steps needed to accomplish this very thing. I also went over the modes for the reports that can be added like a Local or Remote. The demos were very successful, because I was able to walk through them without any errors. So if you wanted to see this presentation you might just be in luck because I’m going to be presenting this in Orlando at the the SQL User Group and at the Tampa BI User Group.

I also wanted to thank Pragmatic Works and the Jax SQL User Group for having me this evening to share my knowledge on SSRS with ASP.NET.

My TechEd 2012 Experience

TechEd2012-1.JPGWell last week I was lucky to attend my very first ever TechEdevent in Orlando, FL.  My brain I would have to say was smoking because of all the new technology Microsoft introduced at the event.  I thought that event was a very impressive; I do hope to go in the future.  I went to some very interesting sessions during the week.  It was very hard to pick the ones I wanted because they had four tracks I was interested in at the conference.

The first track I was interested in was TFS. I would really like to go into a company and set them up with TFS.  Then I can show them what TFS can do for management, testers, and of course the developers.In the sessions the presenters were able to show what the possibilities TFS will allow small to large organization to do.For one they will be able to build better software by using the full aspects of TFS all way down to reporting.

TechEd2012-2.JPGI would say the next track that interested me was the sessions with Windows Phone. So you are probably wondering why this interested me, because I’m in the process of building my first Windows Phone application.I’m hoping to maybe have it submitted and approved by the end of the month. A lot of what they did talk about was the fact how you can use XAML, HTML 5 and CSS to create phone apps. Also they did reference that about how easy to convert any of your Windows Phone apps to Metro Style applications.Then after all of the Windows Phone sessions I decided to go do the Exam Cram for Windows Phone because I’m going to take that exam. The instructor had some really cool techniques to taking Microsoft Tests as well as going over what is needed for the Windows Phone exam.

Now the Windows 8 Metro tracks were something that I was really interested in learning because Microsoft is pushing hard to have developers putting applications in the Windows Marketplace.In these tracks I learned some ways to develop Windows 8 applications in HTML5, CSS, and XAML.I learned about contracts, tiles, and push notifications. These are all things that I will utilize in the applications I will be pitching to Microsoft in two weeks. So I will keep you posted on my pitch with Microsoft.I’m really psyched to see how Microsoft is brining it all together.

The last track I went to was with the new features in SSRS 2012 and Big Data. I learned about a lot of awesome stuff with Big Data and how to use Hadoop when implementing these types of systems. I also saw some really cool features coming with SQL 2012 for reporting. I hope to incorporate a lot of the tools used for Big Data and the new features in SSRS 2012 to the Windows 8 Metro apps I’m hopping to build for Marketplace. So stay tuned to my blog for updates to my Windows 8 Metro application submission…..

Nokia {Ready.Set} Code Event in Miami, FL

Today, I was at a really cool event in the Miami, FL area.  The event was called {Ready.Set} {Code} sponsored by Nokia.  It was an event that brought some really talented individuals that worked on creating some cool Windows Phone Application for some really cool prizes like a Nokia Lumina 900 phone.   I had some good intentions on making an app but I was distracted on working on my Windows 8 Metro app for the Marketplace.   It was a really productive day for me even though I didn’t develop an application because I was able to network with some great people

Well there was a company with a really cool concept called HiTech Tattoos.  Now you are probably wondering why I thought it was a cool concept.   This was a company that put cool tattoos on you electronic devices.  Yes, a tattoo for you electronics…  So off course I was one person that let them tattoo my two cool toys…   Now I wasn’t the first one to be the guiana pig it was Joe Healy aka Devfish.  Once his turned out good I said what the heck…  Well it was suggested to me to have my BISQLDave logo put on my devices.  So I went for it and I had them tattoo my IPad and Nokia Lumina 900 Phone.   I was a little scared but the guy did a great job on my toys.  I would recommend this to anyone that wants to go crazy on their devices…  I’m going to see if I can get him to come down for the Tampa BI SQL Saturday event in November.  He also does mail order…

Don Taubin
HiTech Tattoos

My first presentation at SQL Saturday

Well I finally have time now to blog about my first SQL Saturday presentation.  I did a presentation two weeks ago on 0 to SSRS at SQL Saturday 85 in Orlando FL.  It was my first time in front of about 30 people explaining the basics about SQL SSRS and I was real nervous because never done this type of event.  So I was pretty worried because my machine wasn’t working and it kept locking up on me.  Now the only other machine I had was a MacBook Air which I bought a week before and it was very new to me because I have always used a PC.   I decided I didn’t want to cancel my presentation  so I went ahead and prepared my MacBook Air for the event.  Yes, that is right presenting at a Microsoft Event with a Mac.  Well I did and it work out great.  I thought the presentation went well.   I actually didn’t have anyone walk out while I was presenting.  I thought that was a good sign for a first time presenter.  So now that I have overcome the fear of presenting I will continue my journey by doing a lot more presentations at SQL Saturday and maybe some CodeCamps Events.

GiveCamp of Tampa Bay – October 21-23 2011

Hello my name is David Liebman and I’m currently a Sr Web Developer at Bisk Education.  I have been working in the IT Industry for over 16 years and I’m ready to start giving back to the community.  Just this year I have made the decision to try to become more involved in the community.  So for the last couple of months I have been trying to decide what I wanted to do to become more involved.  One day I was searching the internet and I came across a website at  After reading the FAQ on the site I decided this is what I need to do to become more active in the community.  So I decided to run the GiveCamp in the Tampa Bay area.  I figured this would be a great thing to do where I would be able to donate my time and expertise to a non-profit organization that would be interested in advancing there IT organization. This would allow me to get out and meet more developers in the Tampa Bay area that may want to do the same thing I’m interested in doing.  So if you are a technical professional and you would like to join me on October 21-23 2011 then contact me at or call me at 813-846-8397.

Hello Blog Readers !!

Hello everyone I want to welcome you to my blog.  I have wanted to do this for quite a while but I just never had the nerve to start one.   Well as of yesterday I decided to take the plunge and start a blog.  Well let me start out by saying THANK YOU for visiting my blog.  So let me introduce myself quickly.  I’m currently working at Bisk Education in Tampa FL.  My role there is a Sr. Web Developer working on some cutting edge technology.  I’m also a husband to Stephanie and a father to three awesome children that make me proud every day.

On this blog I will talk about a variety of subjects when it comes to technology.  I will talk more about the technologies that really interest me and true to my heart. These technologies would be Windows Phone 7 and BI Development.  I’m going to start looking into writing some cool dashboard apps using SSRS, SQL, and Windows Phone 7.

Again thank you for visiting my blog and any feedback is welcome…


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